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13 Things Gen Alpha Will Only See in Museums


things Gen Alpha will only see in museums

Imagine this: a group of kids – Generation Alpha, you know, the ones born in or after 2010 – are buzzing on a school trip to the museum. These total digital natives are staring wide-eyed at some weird, bulky gadgets from way-back-when. Suddenly, the teacher says, “Okay class, this is called a DVD player,” and the kids burst into laughter. It’s a glimpse of the future, where all the stuff we take for granted will end up behind glass as relics of the past. Curious what those museum oddities will be? Let’s take a look at the things Gen Alpha will only see in museums!

1. CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs

Remember those shiny discs that held movies and music? Gen Alpha kids will be baffled by how we used to store our entertainment. They’ll struggle to wrap their heads around the idea of heading to a store to buy a movie or album, then waiting for it to play on a special device. With streaming services putting everything at their fingertips, the idea of physically owning media will seem downright prehistoric. Plus, the concept of a massive disc collection taking up shelf space will be mind-boggling for a generation that lives in the cloud.

2. Landline Phones

landline phones

The classic landline, tethered to the wall by a curly cord – it’ll be one of those things Gen Alpha will only see in museums. Gen Alpha, accustomed to the freedom of smartphones, will find the concept of a stationary phone utterly bizarre. Imagine explaining to them that we couldn’t take it everywhere – or worse, that we had to share a line with our entire family! The idea of long-distance charges and phone calls limited to your home will seem like something out of a history lesson. Plus, trying to describe the frustrations of a tangled phone cord will seem like pure comedy.

3. Typewriters


The rhythmic clacking of a typewriter is a vintage sound fading into the past. Imagine Gen Alpha struggling to type out each letter manually, one keystroke at a time. Digital keyboards with spellcheck, autocorrect, and easy editing are all they’ve ever known. Explaining carbon paper, correction tape, and the impossibility of fixing a typo without starting over will make the typewriter seem like a tool of torture. They’ll likely wonder how anyone ever managed to write a whole book on one of those things!

4. Physical Maps

physical maps

Forget GPS and navigation apps. Gen Alpha might find a folded paper map in a technology museum and wonder what those squiggly lines and strange symbols are for. Digital maps have made wayfinding so intuitive that the art of reading a physical map – understanding scale, directions, and landmarks – will likely be lost on them. The idea of planning a route in advance or getting lost and having to ask for directions will seem like a foreign concept. Plus, imagine trying to explain how we used to painstakingly fold these giant maps back into their original shape – they’ll probably think it’s magic!

5. Film Cameras

 film cameras

“You mean you couldn’t see the photo you took right away?” Yes, film cameras will be a source of amusement for Gen Alpha in future museum exhibits. The wait for developing film and the limited number of shots will seem archaic in the age of instant digital gratification. They won’t understand the thrill and suspense of not knowing how your photos turned out until days or even weeks later. Plus, explaining concepts like negatives and darkrooms will likely involve a lot of head-scratching. They’ll probably be amazed that we even bothered to take photos when the results could be so unpredictable!

6. Desktop Computers

Desktop computers

Another common household item that will belong to the list of things Gen Alpha will only see in museums soon? The bulky desktop computer.  With its giant monitor and noisy tower, the desktop computer will seem laughably outdated to Gen Alpha. Growing up with sleek laptops, tablets, and even wearable tech will make the thought of a clunky, stationary computer setup hilarious. They’ll be baffled by the idea of being limited to a desk and the tangle of wires that seemed to come with every desktop setup. The slow boot-up times and whirring hard drives will feel like relics of a technologically primitive time. Gen Alpha grind and wonder how we got things done with these clunky machines!

7. VHS Tapes

 VHS tapes

Those rectangular boxes with names like “Blockbuster” on them will confuse the Generation Alpha. When you try to explain how you had to rewind a VHS tape, they’ll probably stare at you like you’ve got two heads. Imagine their faces when you tell them you couldn’t just pick any movie you wanted, and sometimes had to wait days for it to come back in stock! They won’t believe you when you say movies used to come on these giant tapes that could break or get all tangled up. Plus, the idea of not being able to fast-forward or skip scenes will probably blow their minds!

8. Floppy Disks

Floppy disks

While some industries still use floppy disks to this day, these things will look like giant, plastic “save” buttons to Gen Alpha kids. They won’t understand how you could fit anything important on them – their homework probably takes up more space! Trying to explain how we used these flimsy squares to store stuff will feel like teaching ancient history. They’ll probably giggle when they realize one tiny file could take up a whole disk. Imagine their shock when you explain how easy it was to lose everything if you didn’t handle them carefully! They’ll wonder how we ever got anything done without reliable, modern storage.

9. Walkman’s and Discmans


Get ready for some serious side-eye when you show Gen Alpha these bulky gadgets. They’ll wonder why you’d even bother carrying a whole separate machine just to listen to a few songs. Explaining that you had to flip the tape over or deal with a CD skipping will be hilarious to them. Plus, the idea that you couldn’t just make a playlist of whatever you wanted will sound totally crazy, especially when they think of their phones that hold thousands of songs. They’ll also think the batteries died way too fast compared to their awesome earbuds!

10. Slide And Overhead Projectors

slide projector

Remember the whirring sound and blinding light of an overhead projector? Gen Alpha won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. They’ve grown up with super sleek digital whiteboards and high-definition projectors that make everything crystal clear. Try explaining the concept of writing on a clear plastic sheet to project it onto the wall – they’ll think it sounds like a hassle and a half. Plus, imagine the looks on their faces when you tell them teachers used to get marker smudges all over their hands! They might even wonder how we managed to teach anything when images constantly went blurry and out of focus.

11. Pagers


What other things Gen Alpha will only see in museums soon? Beeping pagers will leave Gen Alpha kids totally puzzled. A device that just makes noise and doesn’t even show who’s calling? Imagine having to find a payphone or landline to call back – mind-blowing! They’ll think pagers are something out of a spy movie or a super old-school hospital show. Explaining that pagers were the coolest tech around, before everyone had cellphones, will probably make them giggle. They won’t understand how we lived with such limited communication!

12. Answering Machines

 answering machines

“You mean you couldn’t see who called and had to listen to all your messages?” Get ready for some serious disbelief from Gen Alpha kids. They’re so used to caller ID and instant voicemail that a whole separate machine for messages will sound crazy. Explaining that you had to rewind the tape to listen again (and that people could leave embarrassing messages!) will probably make them laugh with a touch of secondhand awkwardness. Imagine their shock when they discover answering machines were considered cutting-edge technology not too long ago!

13. Payphones


Gen Alpha kids will think finding a payphone is like discovering a dinosaur – totally unheard of in their smartphone world! The idea of needing coins to make a call will blow their minds. How could you explain that payphones used to be everywhere, sometimes even with long lines of people waiting? Maybe you could even tell them how finding a working payphone with change in your pocket felt like winning a mini lottery!

Can You Believe We Used This Stuff?

Obsolete technology for Gen Alpha

Seeing these everyday items in a museum will blow Gen Alpha’s minds. Get ready for laughs, maybe even some “Okay, Boomer” eyerolls. It’s crazy how fast tech changes! Our stuff will be museum relics someday. Imagine Gen Alpha’s kids giggling at their outdated smartphones – just like we do now!

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