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15 Slang Terms From The 70s That No One But Gen X’s Understand


Slang Terms from the 70s

Hey there, groovy cats and kittens! Remember bellbottoms, disco balls, and a whole lotta slang that was totally outta sight? Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as we dish on 15 slang term from the 70s. The era of Watergate scandal and epic rock concerts had its own language, and we’ll bet it’ll have you sayin’ “Right on!” (Even if your grandkids think you’re totally out of it.)

1970s slang terms

1. Far Out!

This groovy phrase from the 70s expressed excitement, approval, or amazement. Think of it as the “awesome” or “amazing” of its time. It could be used for anything that blew your mind, from a mind-blowing concert to a delicious slice of pizza, or simply a fantastic day.


“This new Led Zeppelin album is far out!”

“Winning tickets to see The Who? That’s totally far out!”

American slang 70s

2. Bummer

This classic 70s term described a disappointing or unfortunate situation, something that totally brought you down or was completely uncool. Imagine your car breaking down, getting dumped, or discovering your mom bought you those hideous bellbottoms – that’s a major bummer.


“Missing the season finale of MAS*H? What a bummer!”

“Bummer man, the waves are completely flat today.”

70s lingo

3. Gag Me With A Spoon

This 70s lingo was the go-to expression for anything utterly disgusting, cringeworthy, or totally gross. Think of that hideous sweater your aunt knitted you, or a guy’s lame attempt to hit on you – that kind of stuff would make you want to hurl, hence “gag me with a spoon”.


“Seriously, platform shoes with fishnet stockings? Gag me with a spoon.”

“Did you hear his pick-up line? Gag me with a spoon, dude!”

Cool 70s slang

4. Foxy

This term was the ultimate compliment in the 70s, describing someone (usually a woman) incredibly attractive. Being “foxy” wasn’t just about looks; it conveyed a certain confidence and magnetism.


“Farrah Fawcett was the foxy icon of the decade.”

“Did you see that chick in the halter top? Totally foxy!”

Retro slang

5. Bogart

Inspired by the tough-guy persona of actor Humphrey Bogart, this term meant to hog or keep something for yourself instead of sharing. Whether it was the last slice of pizza or the spotlight at karaoke, “bogarting” was the 70s way to call someone selfish.


“Don’t bogart all the popcorn, man! Share with your friends.”

“Ugh, she’s totally bogarting the conversation again.”

Can you dig it?

6.  Can You Dig It?

This versatile 70s phrase could mean “Do you understand?” or “Are you into this?” It was a way to check for understanding or gauge someone’s enthusiasm.


“The new roller disco opens this weekend, can you dig it?”

“I just explained how cassette tapes work, can you dig it now?”

Right on

7. Right On!

This was a powerful expression of enthusiastic agreement, approval, or solidarity in the 70s. It was more than just saying yes – it meant you were totally down with something.


“New Bowie album dropping? Right on!”

“Peace, love, and understanding, right on!”

psyched 70s slang meaning

8. Psyched

This term expressed intense excitement or thrill. If something made you super pumped up or enthusiastic, you were definitely psyched about it.


“I’m totally psyched for the concert tonight!”

“Getting that new skateboard for my birthday? I’m psyched!”

take a chill pill meaning

9. Take A Chill Pill

The 70s way to tell someone to calm down and relax. If someone was freaking out or overreacting, you’d tell them to take a chill pill.


“Dude, it’s just a pop quiz, take a chill pill.”

“Your mom’s gonna ground you if you don’t take a chill pill.”

the fuzz meaning

10. The Fuzz

This was a slang term for the police. Whether you were up to no good or not, “the fuzz” meant the cops were on the scene.


“The fuzz busted the party down the street!”

“Keep an eye out for the fuzz, man.”

70s thread slang meaning

11. Threads

This referred to your clothes or outfit. In the 70s, having stylish threads meant you were cool and knew what was hip.


“Digging your new threads, man, they’re outta sight!”

“Gotta find some killer threads for the disco tonight.”

bread slang meaning

12. Bread

The 70s slang term for money. If you needed cash, you needed bread – it was that simple. Just like bread is essential for food, money was essential for everything else.


“I’m low on bread, man, can you spot me a few bucks?”

“Gotta get a job so I can start making some bread.”

list of 1970s slang words

13. Outta Sight!

Think of this as the supercharged version of “far out”. If something was truly amazing, mind-blowing, or incredible, it was outta sight!


“That new van with the custom paint job? Outta sight!”

“Her dance moves are outta sight, man!”

groovy meaning

14. Groovy

Think of “groovy” as the old-school version of saying something is “on point” or has a cool vibe. If you saw someone with a rad outfit, heard a song that made you want to dance, or went to a totally awesome party, you’d definitely say it was groovy.


“Those platform shoes are super groovy, man!”

“We’re going to a groovy club downtown tonight, wanna come?”

slang from the 1970s

15. Dyn-O-Mite!

This enthusiastic term meant something was fantastic, excellent, or just plain awesome. It could be used on its own or to describe other things.


“That concert was dyn-o-mite!”

“Your new platform shoes are dyn-o-mite, girl!”

meaning of 70s slang

Can You Dig It? Groovy Slang From The 70s

These slang terms might leave younger generations scratching their heads, but for baby boomers, they hold a whole lotta nostalgia. They represent a time of bellbottoms, disco balls, and a whole new way of speaking. Whether you’re reminiscing about the good ‘ol days or simply want to sound totally far out, knowing these 70s phrases is like a ticket back to the coolest decade.

So, next time you want to add a little groovy flavor to your conversations, bust out some of this righteous lingo. Your friends might think you’re a little out there, but hey, that’s what made the 70s a blast – living out loud and being totally yourself. Right on!

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