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7 Creative Ways to Save Money as a Couple


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When trying to save money as a single person, you may feel deprived, especially if you opt out of going to expensive restaurants and bars your friends frequent. However, if you’re part of a couple, saving can be more inspiring because you’re working together to creatively avoid deprivation while meeting your goals. So, if you and your partner are up for the challenge, try these creative ways to save money as a couple.

There are two ways you and your spouse can save. The first is to save money actively and put it in the bank. The second is to enjoy your life and remain active while spending less on the activities you enjoy.

4 Ways to Save Money as a Couple

These strategies are to save money and watch your bank account grow.

Try a Spending Challenge

Together, agree on an amount of time that you will not spend any money except for necessities like gas, groceries, and bills. You won’t spend any money going out to eat, or for other activities you may enjoy. Typically, people have a month-long spending challenge, but you can decide what works best for you. All the money you save can go into your bank account or your investments.

Save a Certain Bill Denomination

If you use cash frequently, agree to save a specific bill denomination whenever you receive it. For instance, you and your spouse agree to keep $5 bills. Then, you buy something that costs $3 and pay $20. You get three $5 bills and two $1 bills for your change. The three $5 bills go immediately in your savings. I did this one year, and the savings added up quickly.

Set a Goal & Work Towards It Together

Sit down together to set a goal for the amount you want to save over a month or a year. Then, check in weekly and see how your savings goal is progressing. Some people like to have a visual of a thermometer with marks for their savings along the way. Then, as you save, you color in the thermometer so you can visualize your progress.

Compete to Save the Most

If you and your spouse are competitive, why not make a game out of saving and compete to save the most? For example, you can do sprint-style savings to see who can save the most for two weeks. Or, you could do marathon savings and see who can save the most over a longer time.

3 Ways to Save Money as a Couple on Activities

Saving money can quickly become drudgery if you don’t feel like you’re enjoying life. Use these strategies to have fun for a fraction of the cost.

Go to a Discounted Movie Theater

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Do you have a discounted movie theater near you? We have two. One shows older run movies, but the other shows current movies and charges $4 per person.  If you don’t have a discount theater nearby, check out the morning matinees. Sometimes those are offered at a significant discount.

Cook Together at Home

Rather than going out to eat, why not cook a meal together? Choose a dish that’s outside your usual repertoire, perhaps something fancier. My husband and I routinely cook together and make a meal like steak, potatoes, and vegetables. We like our homemade version better than the restaurant version. We save money, enjoy spending time together, and know exactly what ingredients are in our food.

Exercise Together

You can also spend time exercising together. The possibilities are endless. You could bike, walk, hike, or whatever activity you and your spouse both enjoy. So, not only are you saving money and spending time together, you’re also getting in shape together!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these creative ways to save money as a couple have inspired you. You and your spouse can save money while still enjoying your life.

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