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“Alas, I am Dying Beyond My Means”


If we are to believe these were the last words of Oscar Wilde, how many of us will be thinking this at our end? Lotus F-1 racing cars used to have a philosophy that the best car, would be one that ran the race and fell apart driving across the finish line. On your death, what will you be leaving?

Do you have a plan for your end-game status? Are you going to leave a packet of cash to your family or are you going to burn it all and enjoy it? Leave a nice corpse but an empty wallet? Good questions to ask.

If you are planning to scorch the earth financially and leave a lovely corpse, warn your Estate Executor. You may end up with debts after you have passed on, but they should die with you. Ensure your liquidator fully understands your plans to crash and burn financially.

I have not met anyone who has this plan. Most folks seem to wish to leave a legacy for their family, but if your plan is to spend it all before you are gone, good on you! Might I suggest BitCoin?

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