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Beer, Bonds and Local Investing For The Win

I don’t usually recommend individual passive income investments here on dinksfinance, but there is one I wanted to share with dinks readers.
Here is some context: I’ve been investing in small business bonds through a marketplace called SMBX (SMall Business eXchange), which screens small businesses and helps them issue bonds.  We’ve covered them pretty extensive here, here.

Away Days Brewing

Well, last week was reviewing the site and I saw a small business here in Portland, Oregon, that I thought looked promising. Its a brewery called Away Days Brewing.  So, I saw the place was local.  Then I called a friend and went to visit. I was pretty impressed.  The place was clean, full of customers, the beer tasted good and the staff seemed happy.  I chatted with the bartender who basically corroborated the information that was in their bond prospectus.
In any case, they are issuing about $350,000 worth of bonds, at 10.5%.  Here is the image from their bond offering on SMBX.

Away Days Home Brewing
You can find the actual bond paperwork on SMBX’s website, here.
I put something like $560 dollars into the offering.  This should give something like $12 in terms of monthly principle and interest payments, so its a nice little addition to my passive income streams.

What’s Great About This?

One thing I like about SMBX is that it ads a local dynamic to investing. Most of the time when I invest in stocks, I look at the returns as basically numbers on digital screen.  With an investment like Away Days Brewing, its nice to see the business actually working – that is watch the beer get poured and the people paying the brewery.
Check it out and sign up if you get a chance:

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Title: Beer, Bonds and Local Investing For The Win
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