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Earn2Trade Review – What You’ve Been Waiting For


The road to becoming a successful trader isn’t for the faint of heart. The challenge also tends to prove more difficult for new traders. However, no matter where you are in the journey, it’s important to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Earn2Trade Review – What You’ve Been Waiting For

But we’re forgetting one key ingredient: capital. No one can launch a trading career without any dough. Acknowledging this, you have probably looked into prop trading firms.

But knowing where to begin can be its own challenge with all of the different platforms out there. Which is the best for your money?

This is where the Earn2Trade review you’re reading comes center stage. In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about the platform so you can profit from it–literally.

Earn2Trade Review and Overview

Founded in 2016, Earn2Trade was developed by educators and traders with the mission of helping individuals get funded. The approach is two-pronged–they are an education provider who trains people to trade as well as a recruitment firm for funded investors.

Earn2Trade is one of many trading education platforms, teaching trading techniques from the most basic level to more advanced, technical aspects. Traders can utilize what they learn for personal trading or take a stab at getting funded via the virtual trading simulation tool within the Earn2Trade platform.

Most users opt for the latter–they sign up with the service with the goal of passing the evaluation program at the end of their training. Earn2Trade connects those who pass with one of their proprietary trading firm partners (Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading Limited).

How to Get Funded

Earn2Trade offers three paths to help traders get funded: the Trader Career Path, the Gauntlet and the Gauntlet Mini. All three utilize the aforementioned virtual trading simulation tool.

Each track comes with a unique set of program challenges, rules and limitations. Additionally, they all include video sessions, webinars, news feeds and charting tools for educational purposes.

Though education is how Earn2Trade markets its platform, it shouldn’t be lost on you that it is still a business. Clients rely on Earn2Trade to bring them capable traders who can succeed in the financial markets.

Intro to the Gauntlet

Earn2Trade clearly wanted to be sure potential traders were serious about the program with a name like the “Gauntlet.” But, for those with the grit and grind, the Gauntlet can be used to see great profits.

Here’s the nuts and bolts: the Gauntlet is a 60-day assessment that comes with a one-time payment of $429. The set of rules that comes with the program include:

  1. A trading plan must be submitted on the Dashboard
  2. A $25,000 account must be managed over the period of 60 days
  3. A maximum 10% drawdown
  4. A 10% profit must be reached by the end of the evaluation
  5. Trades must be made at least once per week for a minimum of 30 calendar days

Apologies for sounding like an infomercial but that’s not all! Additionally, those who are successful in the program are granted a conditional offer: if you reach a $5,000 profit, you are eligible to join the prop firm as a limited partner.

The Gauntlet Mini

The mini version of the Gauntlet is a 15-day assessment where account sizes range between $50,000 and $200,000. The price per month for this program ranges between $170 and $550.

Like its big brother, the Gauntlet Mini comes with its own profit goals, daily loss limit and EOD drawdown. Other specifics include:

  1. No single trading day can account for 30% or more of total profits or loss
  2. Users must trade for a minimum of 15 days
  3. Trades must be made during approved times
  4. Do not fall below the minimum account balance

The Trader Career Path

Finally, the Earn2Trade Trader Career Path is a progression-based evaluation that grants you a funded account upon completion. At $150 per month, this program comes with a Ninja Trader or Finamark license, access to Earn2Trade’s educational catalog, a 60-day Journalytix license and a simulator profile for practice.

This program is best for beginners who don’t want the hassle of a time restraint. Traders begin with $25,000 to use in future exchanges and, though this program offers more freedom, it still comes with a set of rules:

  1. A profit goal of $1,750
  2. An EOD drawdown of $1,500
  3. Traders must trade a minimum of 15 days to become eligible for funding
  4. A daily loss limit of $550

The Bottom Line–Can You Get Funded?

You should know by now that getting an Earn2Trade funded account is no walk in the park. Though it’s not easy, the goal couldn’t be more straightforward: learn, do well, pass the test and then get funded.

But don’t let this discourage you. With Earn2Trade’s educational resources and life-like virtual simulators, all it takes to get funded is a little desire, dedication and discipline.

If this is you, click here to get started with Earn2Trade today!

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