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Easy Ways To Fix Car Dents Yourself

Whether you have an older model or brand new car, dents can be exceptionally unsightly. Unfortunately, leaving dents on your car’s body will also..


Easy Ways To Fix Car Dents Yourself

Whether you have an older model or brand new car, dents can be exceptionally unsightly. Unfortunately, leaving dents on your car’s body will also result in rust damage. So, you should never overlook this cosmetic detail. Not just that, cosmetic damages can degrade the value of your vehicle substantially, as this impacts perceived value.

Dents can occur in various instances, from vehicle accidents to parking mishaps and many more. And while a car accident can be traumatizing and life-changing, even if it’s not severe, the costs of fixing the damages can be astronomical. Unfortunately, panel beating, in general, can be pretty costly. 

For this reason, many drivers are constantly searching for ways to manage minor cosmetic damages with a DIY approach to save costs. That said, you might need to spend a bit on some tools and supplies to get these jobs done. If you need to repaint the affected area, you will need products such as an epoxy primer for cars, sanding tools, and several others. Before starting any vehicle cosmetic repair project, always be sure you have all the right tools and supplies.

So, if you’re hoping to get minor dents out of your car and mend the paintwork, we’ve listed some ways that you can restore your vehicle. You might save yourself a small fortune with one of these clever car dent removal hacks. 

Using A Plunger

An ordinary household item often offers quite a few uses beyond its intended purpose. For example, a drain plunger is an effective tool to unclog drains, and it’s also an effective tool to pull dents out of a vehicle. 

However, this solution is only suitable for smaller-sized dents and should not be attempted with large dents. All that you’ll need to do is apply pressure onto the dent with the plunger, secure yourself, and then pull the vehicle dent out until you hear it pop back into place.

Boiling Water

Boiling water works like a charm when it comes to pulling minor dents out of a vehicle. The water temperature makes the car’s body pliable, allowing it to pop back into place. Although in some cases, you will need to pour boiling water over the dents before using a plunger to pull the dent out. 

Hair Dryer And Compressed Air

Another trendy hack to remove dents from cars is using the heat of a hairdryer and an air compressor. As mentioned above, heat will make the exterior pliable, and the compressed air will cool it down rapidly. Since the cold will cause contraction, the dented area will likely pop back into place. 

When using hot water or a hairdryer, you must be sure that you are heating the area as much as possible; the more heat, the more pliable the exterior material will be. What’s more, you will also need to use the air compressor directly after heating the area for the best results. 

Specialty Tools

There are several affordable dent removal products on the market specifically intended to make dent removal simple. These useful products come in a variety of shapes and designs. And while some are effective, others aren’t. So, be sure to look for something that seems like it will probably work. 

The main objective when removing a dent from a vehicle is to pop the dent back into place. To do this, you will need enough suction, heat, or strength. So, look for products with suctions or grips and clamps. 

When To Consult A Panel Beater

In some cases, it is not plausible to attempt the above solutions to remove dents. Unfortunately, if the vehicle dents are large and the damage to your vehicle is severe, you should instead consult a professional panel beater to handle the job. Dent removal hacks are only applicable when the damage is minor. 

That said, you must be careful not to cause further damage to the exterior of your vehicle when removing a dent. Before you start, it’s best to assess the size of the dent; if it is pretty big, it’s better to take your car in for a professional panel beating. Furthermore, you must also look for damage to the paintwork. 

If there are even slight damages to the paintwork and the dents are relatively small, you can successfully remove the dent, sand down the area, apply layering products and repaint the damaged area yourself. Repainting a vehicle is not tricky if you have the right tools and supplies, enough time, and basic skills. 

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