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Red Flags: 10 Telltale Signs a Man May Be Using a Woman for Her Money


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Being in a healthy relationship helps each partner flourish and grow. Unfortunately, most of us have been in unhealthy relationships from time to time. As such, knowing the signs a man is using a woman for money, or a partner is struggling with addition, or is abusive is essential. The more people know about the telltale signs of these relationships, the faster they can end them and protect themselves physically, emotionally, and financially.

10 Signs a Man Is Using a Woman for Money

If a woman wants to protect herself, both financially and emotionally, from one type of unhealthy relationship—being used for money—she’ll want to be aware of these signs:

He Showers Her with Attention

At the beginning of the relationship, this type of man will shower a woman with attention to hook her in. She will be in awe at how sweet and attentive he is. Then, when he feels that she is in love, the relationship will begin to change.

He Doesn’t Have a Job

This type of man often doesn’t have a job, but his reasoning will usually be because he has been wronged or is underappreciated, not because he has done anything that makes him unemployable. He will always say he’s searching for a job, but he will never find one.

He Doesn’t Offer to Pay

When they go out together, he will never offer to pay for their dates. He will expect the woman to pay. However, in the beginning stages of the relationship, when he is trying to hook her, he will pay for everything.

He Doesn’t Have Her Meet His Family or Friends

A man who is using a woman for money prefers the relationship to remain in a vacuum. He will not introduce her to family or friends. In addition, no matter how long they date or how serious she thinks the relationship is becoming, he will only see her alone.

He Doesn’t Care About Her Family or Friends

In addition, he will take no interest in her family or friends. If he is forced to meet them, he will interact as little as possible.

He Doesn’t Talk about His Finances

This type of man will not talk about his finances. If he is bankrupt, she won’t know. If she does discover his financial predicament, he will say, just as he does about employment, that his poor financial status results from someone else. Maybe he went through a divorce and he’ll say his wife took all the money.

He Knows about Her Finances

In contrast, he will ask the woman about her finances and know as many details as possible. After all, he is mining her for money, so he needs to know how much money is available.

He Encourages Her to Splurge (Usually with Him)

While he may not spend money on her after the initial dating period, he will encourage her to spend lavishly. He may want to go out to eat and encourage her to buy the most expensive item, and he’ll be right beside her doing the same.

He Gets Made When She Says “No”

This type of man likes to get what he thinks he deserves. If she says “no,” to some of his spending requests, he will get angry. If he says no too often, he will break up with her and find a new woman who doesn’t say no.

He Lies

Finally, a man using a woman for money is not honest. He will lie frequently. If he is caught lying, he will lie to cover up his initial lies.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are many types of dysfunctional relationships. If a man is using a woman for money, he will likely exhibit some, if not all, of these signs. If you find yourself in this type of relationship, knowing the signs can help save you heartache.

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